So Why Coach Ping Pong?

What divine inspiration drove me to start a journey to learn ping pong?

Well the other day, a friend of mine (let's call him Joe or something) casually informed me that decent ping pong coaches can make upwards of $70/hr. Now, Joe is a washed-up player that reminisces of the good ol' days when he could beat a dude half his age, so I don't have great confidence in his knowledge. Yet if kids barely taller than the ping pong table can play, how hard could it be?

So maybe it's worth a shot. But why coach, instead of trying to be a pro player? Fortunately, I am of the age where I can tell myself that it's too late get good at new things. With this excuse in mind, I can protect my ego when I realize I'm not naturally talented at the game and settle on being a mediocre player. On the other hand, I can still learn the theory, and end up getting paid to shout cho! while living vicariously through those who do have talent. And thus begins my adventure.

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